Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Satanism and Suicide in the School Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Satanism and Suicide in the School - Case Study Example For this case study, the potential positive consequences include agreeing with the parents that the Halloween holiday has no place in the school. Negative consequences include disagreeing with the parents and allowing the pupils to attend the Halloween party. The risk here will be discontentment from parents who might decide to transfer their pupils and as a result, be fired by the school’s board (Callison and McAllister 84). I will evaluate the outcome of my decision/the school’s decision based on the pupils performance, parents and boards approval or support, and the number of pupils who joins the school. Reach a compromise agreement with the parents will enhance learning, and improve the school’s performance. In this case study, the problem that needs to be resolved is that of a pupil in the school who has thoughts of committing suicide, and as such, as the principle I need to decide what to do. This process should involve the pupil, his/her parents, his/her immediate teacher and a counselor. I will need to communicate to the pupil, his/her parents, and his/her immediate teacher. The potential positive for this case is getting the pupil to change his attitudes and help the pupil to give away that disturbing wish and thought of wanting to die; simply keeping the pupil alive (Callison and McAllister 106). For this case, a negative consequence will be to fail to get the pupil some substantial help, thus resulting in the pupil committing suicide. I will evaluate my decision based on whether the pupil is able to fend that suicidal feeling and stay alive or not. In case, the pupil does not get help and ends up committing suicide, the other pupils and the entire school community will be devastat ed.  

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