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National Security vs Individaul Privacy Essay

1. Your document’s heading is not formatted correctly. In the upper left corner of the first page, the words â€Å"Running head:† should preface a shortened version of your title. The upper right corner of the page should have the numerical page number. The shortened version of your title should be in all capital letters. On subsequent pages, the shortened version of your title should appear on the lefthand side, with a page number on the right-hand side. For additional information, visit the Ashford Writing Center located in Constellation. Click on Ch 7 -Sample Paper with Formatting Instructions. [Nicole Moore] 2. Instructor: Leon, You should be using a 12 pt. font, and double spacing your work. [Nicole Moore] Throughout history, there have been breeches to the security of this nation which caused an increase in awareness. Rights and civil liberties of the public have been cut, and in many instances revoked completely. Individual privacy is 2 1. Throughout Leon, You are not using the correct font. You need to be using  Times New Roman 12 pt. Please adjust for your final paper. Remember to use Times New Roman 12 point font per 6th edition APA guidelines. [Nicole Moore] 2. in awareness. an awareness of what? Make sure you are clear. [Nicole Moore] 3. Block quotations of more than 40 words should be double spaced per APA 6th edition guidelines. Each line should be indented 1/2 inch. Quotation marks should not be included, and the citation should be placed at the end of the quote following the punctuation. [Nicole Moore] 4. Since the attack on the World Trade†¦ Leon, please try reading this sentence out loud – what are you trying to say? I think you might be missing some words. How might you rework? [Nicole Moore] 5. In response, law enforcement agencies†¦ Are the agencies requesting them now, or have they been requesting them since 2001? You might want to use the past tense†¦ or say, â€Å"..agencies have been requesting†¦Ã¢â‚¬  [Nicole Moore]  important and if you take it away from the public, they will then feel an increase of intrusion and loss of privacy. â€Å"All human rights are indivisible, interdependent, and interrelated: the improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others; the deprivation of one right adversely affects others. Freedom of expression and privacy are explicit parts of this international framework of human rights and are enabling rights that facilitate the meaningful realization of other human rights.† (Dunstan, 2011) Since the attack on the World Trade Center, U.S. soil have resulted in the tragic loss of thousands of innocent human lives. In response, law enforcement agencies are requesting broader and more pervasive laws to counter this security challenge. As technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the last three decades, it has also brought with it new challenges to protecting people’s privacy and curbing privacy violations. Determining the proper balance between citizens’ right, civil liberties, and concerns for security is a particularly vexing difficulty for the democratic societies. It has long been understood that civil liberties are neither absolute nor unequivocal and that there is normally tension between the carrier for democratic values and the desire to live in safety and security. â€Å"Citizens’ rights frequently collide with the 1. â€Å"Citizens’ rights frequently collide†¦ Great quote for right here. Double check the APA formatting guidelines – you want to put the period on the outside of the (). â€Å"†¦citizens† (Davis, 2008). [Nicole Moore]  rights of others and with governments’ ability to provide for the safety of its citizens.† (Davis, D. W. 2008) 1 National Security plays a part in every aspect of the world. What national security does is maintain the survival of  the state through the use of economic, diplomacy, power projection, and political power. Protections give a nation what it needs to posses economic security, energy security, and environmental security. The national valuables in this broad sense include current assets and national interests, as well as the sources of strength upon which our future as a nation depends. A former NSA director, Gen. Michael Hayden, now director of the Central Intelligence Agency, has said the NSA often gets FISA warrants for wiretaps. He knew that Bush was using this tool to gather information. Bush had the NSA employees also listen in on conversations without such warrants if they suspect links to terror groups, he said. â€Å"In its suit, the ACLU also contends that the NSA surveillance program violates First Amendment protections of freedom of speech and assembly by intruding into the private conversations and e-mail exchanges of individuals and organizations.† Deans, (2006) â€Å"Weeks after the September 11 attacks, Bush issued a top-secret order authorizing the National Security Agency to use its high-tech eavesdropping tools to listen in on phone calls and read electronic mail coming into the United States. The Fourth Amendment of the constitution prohibits â€Å"unreasonable searches and seizures† without judicial warrant affirming there is â€Å"probable cause† for suspecting criminal activity.† Deans, (2006) Despite the labors of the Bush administration to bypass the FISC system, FISA courts still exist and the number of warrant request coming before them has increased significantly in recent years. The use of FISA and its courts does protect the government from accusation that it violates the Fourth Amendment rights U. S. persons. Since the disclosure of the warrantless searches, President Bush has instructed the various intelligence organizations that the FISC system be used for all intelligence-gathering activities. The debate over FISA and its court is ongoing, with many critics believing that both the law 2. Is this another long quote? If so, you might consider the amount of quotes you are using, and rely more on your own writing and statements. Use the research to support your analysis, not fill up your paper. It generally requires the government to seek warrants before monitoring Americans’ communications. The  controversy over the FISC Court has intensified. The Bush administrations make it view known that the onerous requirements of FISA stood in the way of intelligence gathering. In a secret court proceeding before the FISA Appeals Court on September 9, 2002, with only government lawyers present, the Bush administration presented its case that the FISC had hindered the flow of information and had obstructed the president’s authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information. â€Å"Less than an hour after President Bush signed the 2008 amendment, the ACLU filed a law suit challenging the law’s constitutionality. Because the 2008 amendment is scheduled to sunset in December, the ACLU is also calling on Congress to Fix FISA by prohibiting dragnet surveillance activities, and strengthening safeguards for privacy.† American Civil Liberties Union, (2012) Bush’s main goal was to gather as much information coming into the United States, but forgot about the fact that he would invade peoples’ privacy. It seem like everything was moving fast and no thought was put in it from the government. Our civil rights is right for us the citizens of this country to have privacy, the right of peaceful protest, the right to a fair trial, the right to personal freedom and the right of equal protection. However, when you take our freedom away for expressing ourselves, you violate our civil rights. This Act allowed him to violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution which further blurred the lines between national security and individual privacy. It is precisely the reason why we’re so skeptical about the implementation of national security over our civil rights. They 1. but forgot about the fact that†¦ I really take issue with the word â€Å"forgot† — I feel that you will be much better served, and have a stronger  paper, if you find a different word disregarded, ignored, etc†¦ [Nicole Moore] 2. Our civil rights is right for us the Our civil rights give the citizens of this country the right to†¦. [Nicole Moore] 3. why we’re who is â€Å"we’re†? do you mean some U.S. citizens? Be clear about your references. [Nicole Moore] forget about the little people that make up this country. One must understand that the problem that is in conflict with our civil rights here, relates more to internal security than it does to external. National security is important to the safety of this country but it should never intrude an individual privacy. The national valuables in this broad sense include current assets and national interests as well as the sources of strength upon which our future as nation depends on it. 4 4. National security is important†¦ This, Leon, should be your specific claim, and it should be in the beginning of your paper, not on page 6. [Nicole Moore] -6- Reference ACLU, (2012) American Civil Liberties Union’s Retrieve from Atkins, S. E., (2008) Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. ABC CLIO, Retrieved from rveillance_act_of_1978 Davis, D. W., (2008) Civil Liberties and Security Retrieved from nd_security Deans, B., (2006) Domestic Wiretaps: Rights Suit Centers on U.S. security vs. privacy of citizens. The Atlanta Journal, Retrieved from Unabridged. Retrieved December 10, 2012, from website: Dunstan, A.H., (2011) Protecting Human Rights in the Digital Age.BSR Retrieved from

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