Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Personal Narrative - Rejoice in the Lord Always Essay -- Personal Narr

Personal Narrative- The Bible Spoke to Me I sat on my bed. Alone. Lonely. But I wasn’t. Everything that everyone had said, left unsaid, was with me. Smothering me. As scenes danced mockingly through my mind, I cried out, â€Å"Does anyone care about me?! Does anyone care if I come to school or church-would anyone notice if I just quit?!† A small, still voice whispered in my ear. Something stirred, struggling to be free, but my tormented mind smothered it, preferring to drown in self pity. â€Å"Does anyone listen to me? Does anyone want me?† I moaned. As I sank into despair, a book caught my eye. Buried beneath homework, magazines, and litter was my poor bedraggled Bible, falling apart from years of use-none of it recent. I dragged it out and opened it to Philippians. â€Å"Rejoice in...

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