Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Caree paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Caree paper - Essay Example The ultimate mission of a teacher is to produce a skilled and an informed citizenry. The paper covers the history, requirements, duties, and the job outlook of a high school or a secondary teacher. In the earliest times, cultural, social values, religion, knowledge, traditions, skills, and morality were passed on to generation by informal education. Education was achieved by imitation and observation. It was in oral form. Parents, kids, and extended family acted as teachers to the young. With the complexity of the ancient civilization, customs and knowledge about agriculture, boat building, military, and other activities called for the demand for teachers. The revolutionary war led to an improvement of education in America. Majority of the teachers at the time were male (Saleh & Khine, 2012). Horace Mann in 1647 opened the first free public school. A significant step in the education sector took pace in 1857, coming up with National Teachers Association. It gave rise to the current teacher profession. Becoming a teacher is not easy. A secondary teacher has to pass through high school, complete college and obtain a four-year bachelor degree in the field or subject they wish to teach. In addition, they have to go through one to two years of college in a Credential program. The program entails classes on how to teach. It also tests knowledge of PRAXIS, CBEST, and SSAT (Saleh & Khine, 2012). Teachers are of different types. Each has a unique and a complicated job. Elementary teachers teach grade K to 8. Secondary teachers teach grade 6 to 12. Special Ed teachers teach students with disabilities. The substitute teachers fill in for the absent teachers. Finally, we have the professors who teach in colleges. A secondary teacher teaches in one major subject area like Mathematics, English, Science, History, and Arts. Their daily duties involve making lesson plans, attending lessons, grading papers, assigning grades, contacting parents, keeping attendance and

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