Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Leadership and Management Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Leadership and Management Theories - Essay Example A person through learning acquires exemplary leadership; leadership skills and knowledge, however, processed by a leader. These leadership skills and knowledge mainly influenced by beliefs, character, values, and ethics; these factors contribute to leadership process. Leadership process has four principal factors that are the leader, situation, communication, and followers. These factors form the basis of outstanding leadership in an organization, hence the organization’s success while undertaking organizational operations. Several theories of leadership have been produced by students of leadership these theories include Trait, Skills, Styles, Situational, Contingency, Path-Goal, Leader-Member Exchange, Transformational, Servant, Authentic, Team and Psychodynamic theories (Chemers, 1997). These theories are vital in maintaining a sound leadership in an organization, the most common theories in an organization, which will be dealt with in this paper are the transformational the ory, situational theory, and contingency theory. According to transformational theory, leadership is a process through which a person’s engagement with others establishes a connection, which normally results in encouragement of morality and increased motivation for leaders and its followers. The theory attributes leaders with qualities such as confidence, extroversion, and the values stated; with these qualities, the leaders are able to motivate followers (Chemers, 1997). Under transformational leadership, the leader needs to pay attention to the follower’s needs and motives if their potential is to be attained. Transformational leadership does attempt to explain leader’s efforts to implement initiatives and develop crucial and significant changes in any given organization.

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