Wednesday, September 11, 2019

3.HoldingOlympic games in a different city every four years is not a Essay

3.HoldingOlympic games in a different city every four years is not a waste of a countrys resources - Essay Example ver, quite a lot of times, the host cities have had to bear cost overruns, management issues, and problems pertaining to underused venues and displaced citizens. The impact of the Olympic Games on any host city is enormous including their urban communities, slum dwellers, and infrastructure, to name a few. Scholars such as John R. Short have criticized the hosting of the Olympic Games in several different cities after every four years. Short, in particular, has suggested the development of a single permanent host city that could function as an international city state operated solely for the purpose of holding Olympic Games (336). Going beyond just being an internationalized event, the Olympic Games are important for harboring cooperation and building strong relationship among states that may not otherwise be able to interact on global platforms. Since it allows many different states to come together on a large sporting event rather than a battlefield, the Olympic Games are a constru ctive investment for building mutual cooperation than being a waste of resources. The hosting of the Olympic Games is often followed by increased development in that city or state. While the costs may often be underestimated thereby leading to cost overruns, they do, in fact, help cities progress and transform in their structure and level of development. As such, I do not believe it is a waste of resources but rather a productive allocation of resources to build a nation. The Olympic Games have helped turn up the image of several countries and have channeled increased development in many others. Barcelona in Spain is one example of how its waterfront area transformed from being an average industrial spot to a scenic locality. In their article, Garcia-Ramon and Albet have described the marked changes which occurred in the city during the pre-Olympic and post-Olympic periods. Its stunning architecture was one aspect which saw a dramatic change including the building of bridges like the

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