Thursday, September 26, 2019

Does climate change pose any unique ethical questions that one does Essay

Does climate change pose any unique ethical questions that one does not find in other cases of environmental justice, for example when a factory pollutes a nearby neighbourhood - Essay Example If it requires more, it may purchase credits from companies who need less, providing it doesn’t exceed the ‘strict and enforceable emissions cap.’1 Morgenstern demonstrates how this cap has been successful in reducing CFCs and SO2. If a factory unintentionally pollutes a neighbourhood, the factory would legally be responsible for making repairs and paying compensation. A well-known example (made famous by the Erin Brockovich film2) is the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which contaminated the water in Hinkley in 1993. In a BBC interview Dr Mayer Hillman from the Policy Studies Institute author of the book How We Can Save the Planet, and Dr James Woudhuysen from De Montford University, debate the possibility of Personal Carbon Rationing, whereby UK citizens are given annual carbon allowances, and each time they use electric, fly, or fill a car with petrol this is deducted from their allowance. In a similar manner to factory permits, if people require additional allowance, they need to purchase a top-up. Hillman’s idea for Personal Carbon Rating is not new, but Morgenstern suggests it,‘failed to gain more than rhetorical support in the last Administration.’3 Hillman is keen to stress that it’s fair, with people, ‘having equal shares.’4 The female presenter raises the unique ethical question when she asks: ‘do we each have a personal responsibility?’5 Dr Woodhuysen, thinks that we are not individually responsible, and points out that some people w ill ‘feel guilty,’ others may ‘feel good’ and suggests this promotes a culture of ‘finger waging and moralizing about everyday behaviour,’6 which he thinks is ethically unfair. Peter Singer in an interview with The Guardian is asked what is your biggest guilty green secret?’ and he responds that because of his work and family he flies a lot and states: ‘I know I can offset the flying in various ways,

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