Thursday, September 12, 2019

Law Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Law - Research Paper Example Gradually, all relevant operations led to a scenario where human beings started to excessively interfere with Mother Nature, so as to create imbalance in the environment, not to mention the another obvious grave outcome – increase in pollution. These exploration and exploitation activities, coupled with all other developments related to rapid urbanization, have led to the advent of serious issues such as the Greenhouse Effect and global warming. As a matter of fact, all these started to jeopardize the well-being of the denizens of this planet. It was at this juncture that various governments across the globe fully realized the gravity of the situation and promptly started to initiate various measures aimed at minimizing pollution and restoration of balance in the nature. Consequently, there is now a comparative improvement in the relevant state of affairs, as all the commercial operations involving exploitation of natural resources are strictly bound by diverse laws and legislations. But for the purpose of this particular research paper, the focus would be on the environmental issues that are an inevitable consequence of the International Petroleum Agreements (IPAs). It (Research Paper) would elaborate on the alarming manner in which IPAs have contributed to the environmental pollution. Subsequently, this paper would examine the manner in which various committed governments have effectively tackled the situation by making it mandatory for all the IPAs, coming under their purview, to abide by the related environmental laws. Before dwelling upon the various pertinent aspects of IPAs, as well as on the related legal and environmental issues, it would be immensely helping to briefly focus on having a basic understanding of International Petroleum Agreements. International Petroleum Agreements, which encompass the aspects of exploration and exploitation operations related to obtaining of oil or natural gas in a specific region, involve entities that are

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