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Race, Hegemony, and Cultural Participation - 1699 Words

Race, Hegemony, Cultural Participation Abstract There are many experiences and perspectives within a society and a culture. This paper will outline some of the experiences of African American women through American history. The paper connects sociological theories as a way to explain and contemplate hegemony, equality, and social relations. The paper analyzes two quotations from real and fictional characters that aptly circumscribe their experience in relation to White American hegemony. The paper concludes that theories such and Hegemony Theory, Functionalist Theory, and Feminist Nationalist Theory offer precise and practical insight to the experience and oppression of African American women. Keywords: sociology, feminism, African American, hegemony, race, culture, power, control, functionalism Race, Hegemony, Cultural Participation Part I Functionalist theory can be characterized in a number of ways. Functionalist theory is concerned with social inequality. Functionalist theory is further interested in social cohesion, interdependence, and the equilibrium of a society. Functionalist theory also contends that members of a society have social capital. Functionalist Theory is a sociological theory that inquires as to how and why society functions in the manner it does with specific attention to relationships among/within social institutions. Through interpretation and synthesis, this paper will pay particular focus to the objectives and expressions ofShow MoreRelatedRacism : A Long Way From The End Of Colonialism Essay1740 Words   |  7 PagesRacism Transition from Domination to Hegemony Historically, United States battle against racism has come a long way from the days of colonialism, slavery, racial hierarchies, racial demarcated reserves, strict policies and segregation. And yet, discrimination and inequality continue to persist in our society. Howard Winant, an American sociologist and race theorist, stated that, â€Å"the meaning of racism has changed over time. The attitudes, practices and institutions of epochs of colonialism, segregation†¦Read MoreMarxist View Of The Distribution Of Power Within Society And The Political System1336 Words   |  6 Pageswithin a pluralist context such as in Britain. Finally, it will ask how Marxists might view the above as affecting participation in such a political system. Overall this essay will outline the uneven distribution of power Marxism sees in a capitalist, liberal democratic society; the class conflict this is based on, and the negative, repressive effect this has on political participation. Marxism views human society as resting on an economic base and a superstructure. The natural basis for Marxist critiqueRead MoreThe Causes Of World War I1171 Words   |  5 PagesEast Asia Squadron to quell the uprising. This action forced the Great Powers, such as Great Britain and Russia, to also send troops to stop the rebellion. Due to the rising power of the German navy and military, it became evident that a European arms race had laid the foundation for conflict between Germany and England: â€Å"An official visit to the German shipyards at Kiel and Wilhelmshaven convinced the Admiralty that Kaiser’s naval preparations were aimed at England, and England alone† (Herman 481).Read MoreGender, Race and Sexuality: The Importance of Equality at a Young Age1707 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction Gender, race and sexuality are highly contested terrains of identity within society and within sport. They are interlocking systems of subjugation that cause inequalities across such identity terrains, and are constantly challenged through social interaction. A particular form of social interaction that challenges such terrains is through club and subculture songs. A subculture consists of â€Å"styles† that are marked out by objects, rituals and fashion used by groups in such a wayRead MoreThe United States Battle Against Racism Essay1830 Words   |  8 Pagesagainst racism has come a long way from the days of colonialism, slavery, strict policies and segregation and yet, discrimination and inequality continue to persist in our society. Howard Winant, an American sociologist and race theorist and writer of â€Å"Racism from Domination to Hegemony,† stated that â€Å"the meaning of racism has changed over time. The attitudes, practices and institutions of epochs of c olonialism, segregation†¦ may not have been entirely eliminated, but neither do they operate today in theRead MoreShould Occupational Science be Guided by a Universal Paradigm?2889 Words   |  12 Pages(Gabe Monaghan). Social constructionist arguments maintain that perceived truths are influenced by hegemonic power (Lupton, 2000). Hegemony is the process by which the ideals of a dominant group become seen as social norms. It involves minorities subscribing to the values and beliefs held by those in power (Gramsci,cited in Hammell, 2011). A consequence of hegemony is that information is presented as universal for all groups (Abberley, cited in Hammell, 2011). Using a sociological approach, theRead MoreThe Underrepresentation Of Female Athletes2748 Words   |  11 Pagesdiscuss the characteristics of the miniscule coverage that does occur on female sports. Literature Review Sport and media have become so intertwined it is often difficult to discuss one without the other. Media is considered the â€Å"driving economic and cultural force in sport because they provide (or attract) most of the capital that in turn creates and disseminates the images and information, which then generations more capital and sport, in an ascending spiral† (Rowe, 2004, p. 68). Sport now encompassesRead MoreGender Roles Are Perceived By Society Between Girls And Boys1305 Words   |  6 Pagesviewed as powerful or powerless), and activity (whether viewed as slow, quiet, and lifeless or fast, noisy, and lively)† (Lee 1998:201-202). Lee continues to explain identity control theory as being dependent on â€Å"cognitive dimensions discovered in the cultural domain under study† (Lee 1998). ii The researcher’s hypotheses imply the masculinity of science-related careers â€Å"educational and career interests are in part, the products of self-concepts, and thoughts about career fields are shaped by interactionalRead MoreThe Struggles And Inequalities Of Mexican Americans1264 Words   |  6 Pages4). It is important to note that education served different purposes for different groups of people. For Anglos, education was a way for them to keep their â€Å"social, economic, cultural, and political hegemony† (Kloosterman 4). For Mexicans and Catholic officials, it was a way to keep their â€Å"declining social, economic, cultural, and political status in the Southwest† (Kloosterman 4). Mexicans responded in many different ways to the building of these schools that were under Anglo control in the SouthwestRead MoreGender, Development, And Development1210 Words   |  5 Pagesthese women’s attempts to look at the social construction of production and to understand women’s oppression. Gender analysts recognized that gender is not the sole factor to take into account with the GAD paradigm and that other factors include race, age, class, sexual orientation, religion affect gender/genders relations--offering a holistic approach. While GAD recognized that males are also the partners of development projects, it also evaluated to what extent these male members are reluctant

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