Saturday, December 28, 2019

Friday s Math Lesson I Focused On Persistence - 1142 Words

In Thursday’s math lesson I focused on persistence. This is a habit of mind that my students have been struggling with and is preventing us from moving toward a growth mindset. Last week, I saw that many of my students were able to complete our Truly Problematic Situation through the habit of mind, wonderment and awe. As we worked through our first unit, patterns with equal groups, scholars have done really well working interpedently and have exhibited many other habits of mind. This week, I noticed many students being persistent with the task during small groups but not exhibiting the same behavior during math workshop, which is discussion base. While moving toward a growth mindset it is important that students are able to discuss their†¦show more content†¦During Thursday’s math workshop we examined two different patterns of equal groups. Students were to examine and discuss what they noticed about the patterns and how these patterns were related to our discu ssions prior to Thursday. I started the lesson with a story about my trip to Target to buy cupcakes for the class, I looked out on the carpet students immediately became engaged. All students were tracking me, sitting in STAR and locked in, I was ready to roll. As I began to share details about my trip to Target I saw many hands go up. As I told the story I called on a few friends,â€Å"Ms. Whitby did you buy anything else at Target? What flavors were the cupcakes?† I was glad to see that students were so interested in the story but nervous to see how the discussion would go. Before the discussion began I let students know this might be a challenging task but I wanted them to be persistent but what did that mean? Students participated in a turn and talk to share what they believed persistence meant and one student made a huge connect to one of our core values, hardworking. She is one of the higher performing students in the class and also a leader. When students saw her make this connection they wanted to know more about what this word meant. As Costa and Kallick (2009) state use of vocabulary is so important. I wanted persistence to be attached to a tangible word or phrase, which Costa and Kallick

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