Sunday, November 24, 2019

Slavery going on today in world essays

Slavery going on today in world essays Slavery is an issue Americans wish is still apart of our past. However it is still taking place in many countries around the world. One of these many countries is Sudan. Sudan is a fairly large country located in northeast Africa. In Sudan women and children are still the result of slavery. In order to understand the current conditions of Sudan, the history is very important. In 632, the beginning of Islam brought many positive things to the country such as political unity and economic growth. However, as early as 1839 the northern Arabs began raiding the villages taking African Americans into slavery. The slaves were then sold in world slave markets as well as being domestic slaves. In 1881 the Turkish-Egyptian control diminished when Mahdist revolted. Mandi rule was between 1885 and 1898 when slavery flourished. However, the Sudan was recaptured by the Anglo-Egyptians in 1898. Official slave trade was abolished but domestic trade continued. When Sudan was under the Anglo-Egyptian rule the northern part of Sudan and the southern part of Sudan was governed under different rule. The Arab-Islamic influence was in the south. Sudan regained its independence in 1956, but the two different states had many differences. These differences were history, culture, rac e, geography, and religion. These differences led to a Civil War in 1956. In the Sudan Civil Wars, it is simply the north verses the south. The north is Muslim with an Arab heritage, whereas, the south is Christian and an African heritage. The Arab heritage has always treated the south as thought they were a minority. Also, the south has been isolated from the north by its geography. The souths geography has prevented them from participating in the countrys political, economic, and social life. Islam points of view are strong in the northern part of Sudan where the southern area is mostly absent of Islamic views. In 1983 President Nimeiri...

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