Thursday, November 21, 2019

Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Politics - Essay Example In this regard, this paper will attempt to focus on the methodological approach of politics, and will endeavor to identify whether politics allow its scientific study or not. For such purpose, the paper will look at different aspects of political science that promote the study of politics in a scientific manner that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the query identified earlier in the paper. In terms of definition, â€Å"political science is about analysis of phenomena of politics in a scientific manner† (Hyneman, pp. 31-38, 2003) and that has been the fundamental basis of political science until now. However, as earlier mentioned, scientific approach has not been the concern of a huge number of experts (Grigsby, pp. 29-34, 2008) associated with political science that has resulted in issues such as possibility of studying politics in a scientific manner. Moreover, another major factor of such issue is due to alteration in approach of writers that publish their write-ups on politics in a biased manner that diminishes scientific existence of a political science study. Lastly, analysis (PSA-UK, pp. 35-39, 2006) has indicated that many followers of political science are unaware about the ratio of science and mathematics in political science, and thus, many focus on mathematics due to their interest that result in such queries of involvement of scientific approach in the study of politics. To understand the significance of scientific methodology in political science, it will be essential to support an alternative methodology of studying it in the form of factual study of politics. From this approach, academic institutions/researchers put efforts to study a political issue of the European Union in the year 1996 during which, EU had only fifteen members that were playing the major role in creating different principles in the union in an institutional manner (PSA-UK, pp. 35-39, 2006). Observation has clarified that the foremost outcome of such

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