Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Obesity As A Health Condition Resulting From Excess Fats - 275 Words

Obesity As A Health Condition Resulting From Excess Fats (Essay Sample) Content: Obesity NameCourse Institutional Obesity is a health condition resulting from excess fats accumulating in the body to an extend that it might cause health problems such as overweight, high blood pressure and short life expectancy. Obesity makes the body vulnerable to other diseases such as diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and hearth problems. The problem of obesity is caused by a combination of several things such as excessive consumption of energy food, lack of exercise, medications, and genetic susceptibility. Because of the dangers associated with obesity and it is one of the most preventable diseases in the world, there are ways in which the trend of development can be reversed. On the ways of reversing it is through eating healthy meals. According to the U.S health report, it was found that Americans eat more than one meal in a day, it is like currently people are crazing the whole day. It is approximated that a child eats more than 590 calories in a day from chunk food; this is 200 more calories compared to the past generation1. If a lot of snacks are consumed in a day, the body cannot burn everything hence resulting in excess fats being sent to body cells for storage. The solution to this is improving school food for children. Many schools currently are struggling to have healthier food. The latest standard is that lunches should have twice the fruits and vegetables, little salt and fats. Sugary snacks and unhealthy snacks should be gotten out of vending machines, school stores, and any other place that the kids can access it. Another way of reversing the trend is through regular exercise1. When the body is active, the energy calories in the body are burned to produce energy, in the process the fats in the body reduces. A person is required to have around 300 minutes of intensity exercise on a weekly basis. These activities include running, fast walking, swimming, or playing. Monitoring the body weight is another way of reversing the t rend. Body weight should be checked once in two weeks, thi...

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