Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Survey On Leadership Management

Question: Describe about Survey On Leadership Management? Answer: The implementation of 5S is totally depend on leadership management. The following are some references. Goetsch and Davis (2010) have outlined that in any competitive marketplace, continuous cost reduction and quality improvement issues are essential if the organization is to stay on the operation. Several operating companies in Turkey and Brazil have successfully improved their quality product as well as increasing their organizational effectiveness using 5S (Demirbag, Tatoglu,Tetinkus Zaim, 2006). Most of the organizations have started the application of 5S in the clerical, warehouse area, service and maintenance (Hirata, 2001) and then advance to the production lines.Based on it the following are the questionnaire to be answered.1) What is your gender?a) Male b) Female2) What is your age group?a) 18-30 yearsb) 30-45 yearsc) 45-60 yearsd) Upto 65 or above.3) What is the highest level of education?a) Under graduate.b) Graduatec) Post graduated) Doctorate 4) Is there any management team there to manage 5S at workplace?a) Yes b) No5) Is it effectively managed?a) Yes b) No6) Is everybody aware of their responsibilities of 5S?a) Yes b) No7) Is further improvement is required in the management. If required how? 8) How everybody can involve themselves in more better way?( about 5S implementation)9) The manager has asked that all employees dvelop effective leadership competencies. How should employees interpret this request?10) Which behavior shows that managers competency as the emotionally intelligent leader?11) How is the working of 5S management team?a. Very effectiveb. Effectivec. Averaged. Bade. Poor12) Generally , how much it is good to control the organization centrally?

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